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Shining Little Souls

Positive well-being and mindfulness for kids

As a qualified teacher and mama of four beautiful souls, I know first-hand how foundational positive well-being, a growth mindset and mindfulness are to the lives of our little ones.

Mindfulness is a daily choice and practice which grows over time. There are a range of strategies and tools that can be learned and practiced, which positively impact our day-to-day lives and well-being.

Shining Little Souls give kids a chance to be mindful and creative: combining circle time, craft, poetry, journaling, movement and meditation. It helps kids learn strategies to cultivate a positive growth mindset and mindfulness.


Shining Little Souls provides the following services for ages 5 - 12 :

  •  Online Sessions 

  •  Before and After School Sessions 

  •   Holiday Workshops 

  • 1:1 Coaching

  • School incursions 

My weekly before and after-school creativity and mindfulness classes are for children aged 5-12 in Sydney. If you are interested in Shining Little Souls running before/after school sessions or incursions at your school, please reach out here

 I also sell beautiful mindfulness products for kids- these can be found in the here

If these principles resonate with you and your child I invite them to join in and shine their bright selves :)


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