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Daily Reflections & Reset Dice Combo

Purchase the Daily Reflections Dice and Reset Dice together for a discount ($19.95, instead of $10.95 each). 


Daily Reflections Dice


The Daily Reflections Dice is a wonderful tool to help your child open up and reflect on their positive actions. Each side of the dice has a 'Share a time you were' prompt.


It's a perfect family dinner or bed-time activity that encourages little ones to be mindful, increasing their positive mindset and well-being. 


Reset Dice


When little ones have big feelings, it's useful to have tools to techniques to help them self-regulate. Introducing the Reset Dice...


When your child rolls the Reset Dice it will offer an action they can try to promote balance, independance and calm.  Example actions include to hug someone, drink water or dance to some music. 

Daily Reflections & Reset Dice Combo

$19.95 Regular Price
$15.96Sale Price
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